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What Keith loves most about hats

What Keith loves most about hats


I can't resist a hat, so a hat shop like the one Keith 59, runs in Hastings (it's called Hatz 'n' Thingz) is my idea of heaven. It was a bonus to enjoy chatting to him as much as I did trying on a selection of his fabulous hats (pics below). Did I buy one? Of course I did! See if you can spot it in my blog post all about hats.

"I started here two years ago. We previously sold hats in a small area of our other shops. The hats were just an add-on, but they became really popular and then this little shop became available, so we decided to open a hat shop.

I’ve got about 60 hats of my own, so I’d definitely describe myself as a hat lover! I think you have to be to run something like this. 

In the winter we probably sell more hats to men than women - they love all the different caps.  Hastings is full of lots of creative people. They’re all a bit different and a bit wacky in how they dress. They have their own fashion style. They love any excuse to dress up in Hastings. 

I like women in men's hats. It gives them a certain style

I love the way a hat finishes off an outfit. I like seeing women in men's hats. Women in a gentleman’s fedora hat, or a Panama hat on a woman. It just gives them a certain style. 

I enjoy seeing people going out of the shop looking lovely. If you send someone out of the shop looking great, that means you’re doing your job. And of course, it’s impossible to put a hat on without smiling. 

Some people come in just to try hats on and take photographs and they’re more than welcome. As long as they’re enjoying the hats that makes me happy."

Do you have a favourite hat? I'd love to see a pic of it! Here's me trying on some of the fabulous hats in Keith's shop. He's so right about not being able to put on a hat without smiling!


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