Give a journalist a deadline and they’ll skid in under the wire to deliver their copy (I badly want to believe that's the general truth and it’s not just me). Be a magazine editor, as I was on Woman’s Weekly for 10 years, and you have no option but to ensure the content is ready in time for your print slot. I’ve been a journalist for….well, lets settle for saying a long time, and the notion of this blog and website has been brewing for quite a few of the more recent years, but with no deadline or print slot to focus my endlessly-prevaricating mind, it’s taken until now to make it a reality.

We have energy, enthusiasm, positivity and potential

Before Woman’s Weekly, I edited the Marks and Spencer magazine, and before that, I was part of the team on Good Housekeeping, so I’ve spent a lot of my professional career working with and for what is least offensively termed, the mature market. And I’ve spent a disappointing, and frustratingly disproportionate, amount of that career time trying to convince advertisers, media buyers, PRs, businesses, even retailers, of the dynamism, enthusiasm, energy, productivity, positivity and, to me glaringly obvious potential of the biggest and fastest growing sector of society.  Us.

I don’t think it’s just my eternally hopeful, glass-half-full attitude that senses a change in the air. There are all sorts of interesting, innovative enterprises springing up, and a growing number of marvellous and successful 50, 60 and 70+ year old bloggers and vloggers. Now I’m one of them. Though, obviously, it’s up to you to decide how marvellous I am and how successful I’ll be. No pressure then.

If I have a mission for These Are The Heydays, this is it

What I can say for sure is that I’m childishly excited about sharing the stories and profiles of Heydayers (I like that better than any other term, but then I suppose I would), along with all sorts of other hopefully useful, inspiring and entertaining content that will help you live life to the full. Because if I have a mission for These Are The Heydays, that’s it. Not just to inspire you with the stories of your fellow Heydayers, but also to share my experiences of places I’ve been and seen and things I've tried - products, clothes, books, films, that sort of stuff - and offer my honest views about them, so that you feel confident and enthused about trying them for yourselves. 

There will also be a smattering of posts about my life and my musings on things I come across, like newspaper or magazine articles. I'm hoping you'll join in the discussion about the issues that concern and interest us, the Heyday generation (see what I did there?) 

Lets enrich each others lives!

What I would love These Are The Heydays to be, is a community where we share ideas, thoughts, stories, jokes and generally enrich each others lives. So please, please do comment on posts or email me at I’m looking forward to hearing from and about you all. 

Ready? Lets go! 

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