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The special events that Andrew loves to photograph

The special events that Andrew loves to photograph


I love it that you can never tell what people's stories are. I knew Andrew, 67,  must enjoy photography because we met on a walking architecture tour of our local area and he was snapping away with his SLR camera. But when we got chatting I discovered his unexpected photographic hobby.

"My passion is astro photography. Which means, basically, you photograph things in the sky. The moon, planets, the stars. And any other events like lunar eclipses, solar eclipses.

I’ve been interested in astronomy since I was a teenager, and I’ve been a member of the astronomy club in the area where I live, since it started in 2001. 

My particular passion is eclipses

My particular passion is eclipses. There’s just something about the whole event, which only lasts about two minutes. The sky goes completely dark and if you’re lucky and the sky’s clear, you see amazing things like the solar corona, which is the sun’s atmosphere, and other planets that might be near the sun. 

You can look up where the eclipses are going to be, it’s very well documented, and there are companies that organise trips to see them in exotic locations. I’ve travelled the world to see them in places like China and Australia.

The best one I’ve ever seen was last year in the States, but I did go to Zanzibar very early on and saw one just coming out of the sea which was fantastic."

Have you ever seen an eclipse? I never have! What was it like?

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