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Jill's colourful way of making people smile

Jill's colourful way of making people smile


My post about older people being apparently invisible to the advertising, marketing and retail industries struck a cord with lots of you. So it seems appropriate to introduce you to the fabulous Jill who's an unbelievable 88 years old. She has a very particular way of challenging attitudes towards older people. I'm guessing you might work out what it is!

"I’ve been dying my hair for the last three years, I had it pink, then last year I had it bright green and this year I had it done pink again. Next year it’ll be green, if I’m still here. I did it in the first place for fun. When you’re old, people don’t take any notice of you. But now lots of people stop me and talk about my hair. People raise their eyebrows, but I don’t really care, because I can’t see it! I just think it’s fun to do, and it makes people smile. They say “Oh, I love your hair.” And I say, ‘Why don’t you have yours done?”. They always say “oh, I wouldn’t dare.” Or ‘my husband wouldn’t like it.” And I think, sod your husband!

Lots of people stop me and talk about my hair

I’ve always loved travel and adventure, but I’m too old to travel now. Too many things wrong. But I’ve self-published two books. My first was a book of short stories. I rang up WaterAid and said I would sell it in aid of them, and I was able to send them £1000, just from people I came across and knew buying the book.

So last year, I wrote about my travels, because I’ve travelled a lot to India and the East, and kept diaries - I had 18 travel diaries in all. So I made a book from them and I sold that one in aid of The Railway Children in the middle of India [they help children escaping abuse, violence and poverty]. I’ve sent them £700 so far."

Would you ever dye your hair an eye-catching colour like Jill? Or maybe you already have! Or have you written a book, like her? How else do you go about making sure you're not invisible?

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