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Jill's 70th birthday challenge

Jill's 70th birthday challenge

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If you need any proof that age is no barrier to.....well, anything you set your mind to, meet 71 year old Jill and read about what she did to mark her 70th birthday.

We were in the Maldives celebrating my 70th birthday, and the sea was like a mill pond, so I thought it was an opportunity to have a go at water skiing, which I hadn’t done for thirty years. So I asked the young guy who was running the ski school if I could have a go, and he said “well..are you strong enough?” So we did a hand fist fight. I’m pretty strong so I beat him easily. I offered him the other arm as well but he said “no, no, you’re fine. You can do it!”

I was 70 and I'd done it

I went out skiing each day for four days. Mind you my back suffered for the rest of the year! But I was 70 and I’d done it. My husband was on the boat on the last day I did it and he said to me afterwards: “you were talking to yourself all the time, what were you saying?” And I said: “oh shit….oh shit…oh shit!”

I can’t say I love being 70. I’ve lived longer than I’m going to and there’s still so much I want to do. But my mother died at 99, so hopefully I’ve got some good genes to keep me going. 

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