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Clever decorating idea for your toilet!

Clever decorating idea for your toilet!

I was in an ultra-stylish downstairs toilet in someone’s home the other day. All dark grey tiles, slender floating toilet seat, ultra modern slab sink with a tap that was practically a work of art. Oh and a bonafide work of art on the wall too.

I’d love to say it reminded me of my own downstairs loo, but pretty much all the two rooms have in common is that they contain the same fittings - standard rather than stylish in my case - and there are some tiles involved.

Something a bit different

However, I do like to think I’ve done something rather cheery and unusual with the smallest room in my not-very-big house, and I share it with you in the spirit of satisfying your natural inquisitiveness about other people’s homes (please say it’s not just me that ‘accidentally’ gets lost trying to find the loo when I’m in a house I’ve never been in before and am desperate to nose around), or at the very least making you smile - whether at the charm or madness of the idea.

A collection on display

I’ve written on my Facebook and Instagram posts about how I enjoy collecting mementos from my travels in the form of pieces of clothing or accessories that remind me of that destination when I wear them. Well I’m also a chronic collector of souvenirs of places and things I’ve seen (like exhibitions) in the form of postcards and pictures, and sayings I’ve read or heard.

Searching for an eye-catching way to display my eclectic collection, I came across this fabulous Graham and Brown wallpaper

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 15.58.39.png

Bingo! What if I could stick my flim-flam into the various different size frames? At £40 a roll it wasn’t cheap, but I only needed two rolls for my teeny toilet, so I thought it was worth a try.

And here’s how it turned out:


Obviously, filling each of the frames is a work in progress, but that’s what I love about it. Each time I see an exhibition or visit somewhere new, I buy a postcard or take a picture and find a place for it in a frame on the wall.


Equally when I come across some words of wisdom that I love, they make their way into one of the frames.


As you can see, it’s all a bit imprecise and haphazard, but the design on the paper isn’t precise or, indeed, in any way symmetrical, which, to me, is part of its appeal. So what if something doesn’t exactly fit into the exact outline of the frame? To paraphrase the great Maya Angelou - fitting in is over-rated!

I can only assume visitors to my smallest room enjoy what I’ve done - they always emerge with a smile and a comment about at least one of the things on the walls.

I could say that makes me feel flush with pleasure. But I won’t.

What unusual/different/clever decorating ideas have you used?

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