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Games for your family to enjoy this Christmas

Games for your family to enjoy this Christmas


Christmas without games is like a beach without buckets and spades, not nearly as much fun.

So because I’d love you all to have a celebration that is as packed with pleasure as possible, my Christmas present to you this festive season are these game suggestions which I’ve loved playing with my family over the years and a quiz I’ve created especially for you.

They’re all suitable and enjoyable for all ages.

Chinese drawing

Give everyone a pencil and small pad, on the first page of which you have written a word or short phrase.. Each person opens their pad, turns the page and then draws the word or phrase. They then pass the pad to the person on their left or right. That person turns to the next page and writes what they think the word or phrase is that the drawing represents and then passes it on. The next person turns the page again and draws that word or phrase on the following page of the notebook and passes it on. Nobody is allowed to look at the previous pages of the pad until the pads have been passed around everyone and are back where they started. Then each person can see what the final version of their original has turned out to be. Guaranteed it won’t be what they started with!

The safety pin game

Blindfold four people (two pairs) then pin six safety pins in different places on each of them. Each of the pairs has to find the safety pins on the other person by touch alone. It’s a lot harder than it sounds and as hilarious to watch as it is to do.

It’s a wrap

Put people together in pairs and give each pair some wrapping paper, sellotape, a pair of scissors and two items - a balloon and a high heeled shoe. The task of the pairs is to wrap the items BUT with one arm around each other all the time. So although they have a pair of hands to use between them, they only have one each! The balloon mustn’t be burst and the heel of the shoe mustn’t tear through the paper.

And last but not least

Your 2018 Heydays Christmas quiz

which is about logos, tag-lines…. and chocolates. Just click here to download the document, which you can then print off or view on your computer or laptop screen.

I hope you have lots of festive fun playing these and I wish you all the happiest possible Christmas.

What’s your family’s favourite festive game? I’m always looking for new ones to try!

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