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The best to-do list. Ever

The best to-do list. Ever


I'm a devotee of to-do lists.  Apparently there simply isn't room in my brain to remember everything, or sometimes anything, I need to do, and scribbling it all down on the nearest pad/scrap of paper/note page on my phone, means at least I'm released from that nagging feeling there's something I should have done but I just can't quite recall what it is. (Sadly that doesn't help when I've gone into a room to get something but now can't for the life of me remember what. But that's another story. And let's not mention promptly losing the aforementioned paper, note pad or, God forbid, phone.)

A to-do list sets me up for the day, focuses my attention when it's in danger of wandering off (which it does roughly every 10 minutes), and gives me the satisfaction of crossing off a task when it's completed. I'm sure I'm not alone in putting the odd easy thing on the list - like taking the soup out of the freezer for dinner - just so I can feel the sense of accomplishment at deleting it. Though those easily completed tasks do also act as a useful excuse not to get on with the more challenging ones. Turns out you can prevaricate even on a to-do list. 

However, for all the positive structure and direction that a thoroughly executed to-do list brings, it can also be more than a bit stress inducing. Especially if it's one of those days when you're adding things to it as fast, or faster, than you're crossing them off. 

Which is why I absolutely loved this marvellous (and gorgeous) to-do list that I came across on my Instagram feed this morning courtesy of the splendid womanready blog and the equally splendid illustrator and blogger Dani DePioor and her lovely site positivelypresent . For a start, I actually WANT to do every single thing on the list - I'm heading outdoors right after I finish writing this post - about how I feel - which I'm doing with a hot cup of tea by my side, whilst dressed in my comfiest track suit bottoms and cosy sweater.

And of course, that's because they're all so wonderfully positive and life-affirming. A to-do list of tasks every one of which will make you feel happier and better about yourself. And honestly, isn't that what we should all be trying to do for ourselves as often as possible? Letting go of the big stick we too often use to beat ourselves up with, and reminding ourselves how amazing we are. Even if that's just for not losing the piece of paper with the rest of today's to-do list on it.

Which is why I've ordered a print and here it is beside my desk, as a daily to-do reminder to be kind to myself, celebrate my achievements (see above) and wring as much joy out of each day as possible.



Now that's the kind of to-do list I love the most. 

New life, new routine

New life, new routine

Check Mate?

Check Mate?